How to participate:

  • Decipher Clues All you have to do to participate in the Golden Goose Scavenger Hunt is try to decipher one of the 300 clues found in “Locations”. New clues will be added  every Saturday morning at noon EST.
  • Search When you think you have deciphered a clue, take to the streets to try and find your treasure! The treasures can be found anywhere in the 22 neighborhoods of Boston, as well as the cities of Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline.
  • Find The treasures will be hidden in an out-of-the-way location, and will be in the form of a small metal plaque:
  • Remove If you are the first person to locate the clue, you will notice that there is a plastic, detachable tag affixed to the plaque. Remove the tag from the plaque:
  • Your Prize On the inside of the tag, you will find a 64-digit private key that you can use to access an Ethereum wallet containing your prize:
  • Claim Prize Take the tag with you, but please leave the metal plaque for others to find. If you find a metal plaque that doesn’t come affixed with a plastic tag, you have been beaten to the prize!

The Rules for the hunt are as follows:

  1. All treasures are hidden in easily accessible places, and you will never need to put yourself in physical danger to reach them. To find treasures, you will never need to risk falling, drowning, being hit by a car, etc.
  2. All treasures can be found without breaking any rules or laws, such as damaging property and trespassing.
  3. No treasures are hidden anywhere near train tracks or in train stations.
  4. No treasures are hidden inside cemeteries.
  5. No treasures are hidden in airports or any airport facilities
  6. No treasures are hidden on military bases.
  7. You will not need to swim or dig to find treasure.
  8. No treasures will be hidden within a place that collects regular entrance fees.